themed competition 4 - "weather" - Judge: Ralph Ducket MPAGB, EFIAP, APAGB (24/05/2021). Images scored out of 20.

Leading to Difficult Driving Conditions by Andy Dixon (20)

Windy Beach by Bob Fox (20)

Wet Day at Oulton by Steve Johnson (20)

Mist by Femma Anderson (20)

A Bit of a Breeze by Roger Clift (20)

A Bad Journey Home by Pat Jordan (19)

Rainbow over Loch Carron by Steve Johnson (19)

Storm Approaching Along Wast Water by Steve Johnson (19)

Rainy Day by Dave Bevan (19)

Storm Clouds over the Black Cuillins by Linda Johnson (19)

Hoar Frost at Loch Garry by Linda Johnson (18)

Threatening Clouds by Pat Jordan (18)