season 2016-17

print merit 1 A group

1st Place Billy McConnell by Steve Johnson

2nd Place Fredau by Patrick Hickey

3rd Place Framed by Patrick Hickey

Highly Commended My Hat by Patrick Hickey

Highly Commended Coupling Up the Carriages by Steve Higgins

Commended Lady of Kotor by Bob Fox

Commended Eagle Owl by Steve Higgins

Commended Wells Huts by Steve Johnson

print merit 1 B group

1st Place Hardy Special Mk III by Ian Rossiter

2nd Place Fly Away With Me by John Bragg

3rd Place Pritchard's Bridge by Femma Anderson

Highly Commende Poppies, Double Exposed by Femma Anderson

Highly Commended Female Warrior by John Bragg

Commended Belgian in Bruges by Femma Anderson

Commended On the Lookout by Henry Gibbon

Commended Ollie Jackson in Audi AmD S3 by Ian Rossiter